Why my book will increase your health and aura, and activate your brain and DNA!

1. Special technology has been used, which activates your brain and DNA during reading and qualities related to your heart.

2. Scientists have proved that the DNA and the brain can be re-programmed through the appropriate words. This means that it can be deactivated or activated by words. In this book, the appropriate words are used in order to get them activated!

3. Recently, HeartMaths Institute proved that, when we see an image, our heart is the one that reacts first, and not our brain. Our heart then sends a signal to our brain, and reacts accordingly. Indeed, the heart always reacts seconds before the eye looks at the image. As if heart knew what kind of image will follow! This is called the intuitive ability of the heart and, throughout this book — as I will explain below — , this ability will increase. Therefore, your intuition will, too.

The result is :

a. To “read” much more easily and successfully the people you meet, and make easier connections with them. This will lead you to healthier and easier relationships.

b. To “read” in advance what result each act of yours will bring, since it enables a deep understanding of the butterfly effect. So, you will gain insight.

c. To help you activate your empathy. Those of you who act based on empathy, I’m sure you have noticed how painful it is for you when others around you do not have this ability.

Empathy = I walk in the shoes of the other, I feel how he / she feels, and I act accordingly on each occasion without hurting the feelings of the other person.

Does your relationship hurt you? Your family? Your friends? Your employer? Can’t your parents understand you deeply? Just gift them this book!

If you get hurt by someone in your environment, it is so because that person cannot comprehend you deeply, and so the problem is lack of empathy. If you want that person to acquire this skill, simply gift the book, and you will be amazed!

In recent years, scientists have discovered that the root cause of breakups in relationships is the lack of empathy from the one individual or from both. There are now experts and psychologists around the world who teach couples how to have the ability of empathy. Something that humans should know by nature….but it was lost through our society. However, these courses, although very good, are time-consuming and expensive, while the book is an easy and fast way.

How does this book enable the intuitive ability of your heart?

1. With the advanced technology that has been used.

2. By activating the right suprama