Frequency Paintings

A Lucid Dream Gift...

Being able to Lucid Dream, Korina recently started developing a new skill, Digital Frequency Painting.

You can find out how this happened, reading her article on "Luciding" - a community of Dream Hackers - which is part of

You don't need to focus or meditate on these paintings, in order to make them work for you. You just use them in your living space. They will resonate your energy at the same frequency of the vibration that they are created to convey. The result is a changed reality based on the specific vibration.  

For neurological disorders

Hope boosts your goals!

Let the vortex change your brain's amygdala!

Protect your place and family

Activate your right hemisphere!

The Twin Flame Connection!

Be what you' ve always hoped for!

Communicate with your loved one!

The Fairies of Abundance will get you what you want!

Helps you connect with higher fields of existence when creating!

You need a positive ambition to succeed!

Helps you grow your consciousness here on earth!

Ask angels whatever you want!

Bring your ex back!

Feeiling guilty for a specific event or guilty in general? This painting is for you!

Discover your purpose!


Become conscious!

Lengthen the time and finally do all the things you want!


Experience only joyful events!

Another version of the Fairies of Abundance!


Lucid Dreaming made easier than ever!

Boost the already powerful technique!


Enhance your healing process

Learning a foreign language will become easier than ever using this painting!


Boost the Maya Technique using the vortex of this painting!

Resist Small 3.png

Resist to the slavery you experience