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Our Christmas Offers are extended!

Times are tough, but our hearts feel like celebrating...

They feel Christ being born again for us, now more than ever...

Pictures are crying everywhere, all over the world! For Christians this is a promise... a hope! 

When I listen to what will 

did Christ want for me, for us... what I hear is...

Do not give up...

Take the life I gave you in your hands...

They want you poor?  You live in abundance!

Do they want you miserable and sad? You be happy! 

Christ loves us... I'm sure that's what he wants for us! 
Let's realize what we deserve...

Korina's Academy wishes you a Happy Birthday and Happy Freedom!

My friends, we have Christmas... 

We've been through a lot and Korina's Academy understands how hard it is for everyone and how much - MORE NOW THAN EVER - you have to take your life into your own hands, to realize your reality.

It is more necessary than ever to live with abundance and dreams!!! It is also necessary to implement the NEW EARTH. 

All this is achieved with our techniques, tools that have been downloaded from UP and our integrations!

So our offers will be stronger than ever!


HEREyou can see a video with testimonies from people from the implementation team about how their lives changed after they used Korina's techniques & seminars as well as the book, jewelry, etc.

It's worth seeing them because they really have become MIRACLES LITERALLY... like whatextend a lady's leg as you will see in the video by 1.5 cm,as well as other miracles that will leave you speechless!!!

VIDEO TESTIMONIALS (whole playlist - new testimonials will be added so subscribe to the channel to be notified of new videos) 

CAUTION!!!In some offers, it is a prerequisite that you have purchased another seminar or that you are part of the mastermind group!!!
In these cases, send Korina a message on viber 6906069077 to give you a special coupon code to get the offers at a different price!!!


SUPER OFFER of the Maya technique and the GIFT message from your future self!



Our Offers

SUPER OFFER that will only happen once!

With every area of limiting beliefs you delete, you will have another area of GIFT! 
Now you have NO more excuses!

Now you have all the help to move forward!!!